The Travel Feature

Note: All players begin the game in Midtown, NY and can travel around to nearby locations.The travel feature allows players to travel to nearby locations in the city they're in or key locations such as an airport or an items shop (if there is one). When at an airport, there is an option to select to travel to other city airports in the game world. Upon selecting an airport of destination, the player will be asked if they would like to take the Hero Airline at a cost of 25 Cr. Upon selecting yes, 15 seconds will go by with an out of airplane background photo before arrival. Players that have flight or teleportation don't need to take the airport and can travel for 5 EP. Flying will take 5 seconds with a sky background. Teleportation makes travel done in an instant.


Costa Rica:

  • San Jose
    • Travel: Juan Santamaria International Airport
    • Other: Heredia, Teatro Nacional







North Korea:



  • Pripyat
    • Free-for-all battle (level 75): Exclusion Zone
    • Other: City Limits, Downtown

United Arab Emirates:

United Kingdom:

United States of America:

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