Description: The ability to move and manipulate earth

Innate Properties: receive 10% less damage

Types of actions: Psychokinetic


Sinkhole- bury target halfway into a sinkhole

'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 100% Damage: 200

-Gives target "Buried" status for 120min

-Players with the "floating" status are immune from this action

-Players under "Buried" status cannot perform attacks from the Physical Branch

-Players with Flight, Phasing and Teleportation abilities are immune to this status

-Players with Terrakinesis can break from this ability by retaliating with this same move

-Players with Radiation Manipulation ability can use Nuke action and break free

Rock Throw- shoot large rocks at target 'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 20 Accuracy: 100% Damage: 580%

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