The News Feed (in the home page of the game) shows what you actions received, shared group experience (EXP), Cr (the 100 Cr recieved daily from the Hero Corp or from missions), and Energy Packs (recieved from friends). Actions received in the news feed will come with a link to use your ability back (or attack back if it was a harmful action). There is also an option so see what was sent (rather than received). In one's hero profile, only actions are shown (both sent and received) in what is called the Action Feed. The actions in your feed will tell you if they were successful or failed. The success of actions depend on statuses, the innate properties of the abilities possessed, and the actions themselves.

Here's an example of a successful action:

You rushed John, shoving them backwards, inflicting 120 damage

Here's an example of you receiving an action:

John rushed you, shoving you back, inflicting 120 damage

Here is an example of a failed action (in this case, because of your status):

You failed to use Super Punch on John because you were blind!

Here's an example of someone failing an action on you (because of an innate aspect of an ability):

John failed to use Supersonic Attack on you because you were able to foresee it happening and evade it!

Here's an example of someone failing to use an action on you (in this case, because of your status)

John failed to use Blizzard on you because you were floating in the air!