Description: The ability to manipulate molecules and objects at a molecular level

Innate Properties: receive 15% less damage

Type of actions: Psychokinetic (except for the Projectile action)


Molecular Attack- form a projectile out of particles and fling it at target

AP Cost: comes with ability EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 100% Damage: 290

Iron Cage- imprison target by creating an iron cage around them

'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 100%

Gives the "immobile" status for 15min, causing target to be unable to perform any physical, covert, or restorative actions

-There's a 10% chance of losing this status while using any physical action

-Target Cannot travel while under this status

-Targets with the Teleportation ability are immune to this status

Liquefaction- liquify target's body tissue

AP Cost: 10 EP Cost: 20 Accuracy: 100% Damage: 20% HP