Description: The ability to walk in plain view of others without being seen

Innate Effects:

+10% accuracy for all actions

+20% chance of evading any attack except mental and radioactive attacks

Type of actions: Covert (except for Turn Invisible)


Become Invisible- become invisible

'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 100%

-Raises evasion in battle by 20% (can only be done once)

Stalk- stalk on target while invisible

AP Cost: comes with ability EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 100%

Gives "Scared" status for 60min, causing target to inflict 15% less damage

Pickpocket- steal Cr from target while invisible

AP Cost: 10 EP Cost: 10 Accuracy: 100%

Gives "Confused" status for 110min, causing target to lose 25% accuracy

Credits stolen from target range from 0 to 45

Limit: can only be used on another player once a day

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