Description: The ability to freeze objects and generate ice

Innate properties: receive 25% less damage from electric, ice, physical, and projectile attacks

Type of actions: Ice


Freeze Feet - Freeze target's feet so they can't move

AP Cost: comes with ability EP Cost: 5 Accuracy: 100% Damage: 0

Gives "Frozen" status (1min),

target won't be able to perform any physical, covert, or restorative actions

-There's a 10% chance of losing this status while using any physical action

-Target Cannot travel while under this status

-Targets with Teleportation or Pyrokinesis are immune to this status

Ice Blast - hit target with a an icy blast

'AP Cost: comes with ability 'EP Cost: 5 Accuracy: 110% Damage: 145

Gives target "Cold" status for 120min, causing them to inflict 15% less damage


Ice Wall - create a wall of ice around target (can target self if one wants to)

AP Cost: 8 EP Cost: 5 Accuracy: 100%

Gives "Protected" status for 20min, causing target to receive 10% less damage from electric, ice, physical, and projectile attacks

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